Srila Bhakti Sadhaka Muni Maharaja reads (daily lectures in Sri Sri Radha Govinda Gaudiya Math):

Sri Guru and His Grace
Srila Bhakti Raksak Sridhar Dev-Gosvami Maharaja

Preface (pages 11-18)

Introduction (pages 19-23)

Surrender to Sri Guru (pages 25-34)
  The genuine Guru
  Qualifications of a disciple
  Spiritual life - a one way ticket

Initiation Into Transcendental Science (pages 35-48)
  Mantra: The spiritual formula
  Initiation: Spiritual invasion
  Accepting disciples and karma
  Guru-Absolute and relative
  Scriptures need saints
  Marketplace of gurus
Descent of the Revealed Truth (pages 49-52)
  Dead mantras

Descent of the Revealed Truth (pages 52-58)
  Slaves of the Truth
  One Krishna in many gurus
The Original Guru (pages 59-62)

The Original Guru (pages 62-69)
  Take the name of Gauranga
  Guru is not a doll
  Guru: More than meets the eye

The Original Guru (pages 69-71)
  Progress: Elimination and acceptance

The Original Guru (pages 71-73)
  Progress: Elimination and acceptance
  What is ISKCON?
God Consciousness vs. Society Consciousness (pages 75-81)
  Catholics, protestants and puritans
  Disappearance of the Guru

God Consciousness vs. Society Consciousness (pages 81-87)
  Disappearance of the Guru
  Surrounded by karma
  Jesus and Judas

God Consciousness vs. Society Consciousness (pages 87-89)
  Mental prison
“I Command You – Become Guru!” (pages 91-100)
  “I’m being nectarized!”
  Divine Nectar
  Jaws of death

The Initiating Spiritual Master (pages 101-109)
  Three kinds of devotees
  Fight against Maya
  How to see Sri Guru
  Krsna's headache

The Initiating Spiritual Master (pages 109-114)
  Ramanuja's secret mantra
  Lowest of the low
  The trap to Capture guru
Separation from Sri Guru (pages 115-119)
  Without guru, all is void

Separation from Sri Guru (pages 119-125)
  Guru is all in all
  Guru: more than God
  Messiahs of free faith
  Money, women and fame

Separation from Sri Guru (pages 125-130)
  Abonding bogus gurus
  Vyasa...May not know
Nama Guru and Mantra Guru (pages 130-135)
  Mantra: Circle within a circle

Nama Guru and Mantra Guru (pages 135-144)
  Godbrother Gurus
  Self-effulgent and Self-evident
  The Universal Form
  Ultrasonic Sound

Nama Guru and Mantra Guru (pages 144-148)
  A religious jungle
  The lady and the mullah
Instructing Spiritual Masters (pages 151-153)

Instructing Spiritual Masters (pages 153-162)
  Spiritual light years
  Religous mutations
  Copernicus, Galileo, Newton and Einstein

Instructing Spiritual Masters (pages 162-169)
  The Zigzag Line of Truth
  Am I this Body?

Instructing Spiritual Masters (pages 169-170)
  Alexander The Great-Formbreaker
The Land of Gurus (pages 171-175)
  Guru-Dispels Darkness
  Jewel within the palm

Servant of Servant (pages 184-187)
  Spiritual Bureaucracy
  The real Test of Devotion
Lives of the Saints (pages 189-194)
  Spiritual Touchstones

Lives of the Saints (pages 194-201)
  Gaura-lila Higher than Krishna-lila
  Babajis and Preachers
  Krishna is Dancing
  Rolling in Ecstasy

The Line of Sri Rupa (pages 203-211)
  Department of mercy
  Appearing and disappearing scriptures
  Flowing river of nectar

The Line of Sri Rupa (pages 211-216)
  Distributing Ecstasy
  An Ocean of Nectar
  Service of Radharani

The Line of Sri Rupa (pages 217-226)
  The Search for Sri Radha
  Srila Rupa Gosvami-Sri Rupa Manjari
  Spiritual Inheritance
  A Drop of Your Grace