Srila Bhakti Sadhaka Muni Maharaja reads (daily lectures in Sri Sri Radha Govinda Gaudiya Math):

Follow the Angels
Srila Bhakti Raksak Sridhar Dev-Gosvami Maharaja

The Krsna Conception
Necessity of a Real Agent
A Proper Guardian Assures Our Future

Measuring the Infinite
Earnest Desire Is The Only Price
Vaisnava is Higher than Sastra
Pure Spiritual Attraction

Real Taste for the Truth
Nama: More Than Mundane Sound
It Is Not So Cheap
Serve the Name through a Genuine Agent

Necessity of True Humility
Potency within the Name
Mayavada Nama is like Thunder
Gradations of the Holy Name

Name Proper from a Bonafide Guru
Advantage of Kali-yuga
+Personal talking about arthas and anarthas & a bit of reading Caitanya Caritamrta

Sraddha is the Minimum Demand
Qualifications for Chanting the Name

Krsna is Everywhere
Hankering In Surrender Is Our Wealth
Accept Slavery to Its Perfection

The Power of the Holy Name
Who Is A Brahmana
How Sound Enters the Disciple's Heart

Bhakti Under the Higher Agent Only

Search for Our Heart's Fulfillment
Acquired Taste
Descending Humility
Sraddha is More than Calculation

Under Our Affectionate Guardian's Hand
Distributing Their Inner Wealth
Cast Ourselves to the Infinite's Whim
Better to Serve in Heaven
Power of Affection

Infinite Touches the Finite
Easy Grant to Your Appeal
Highest Criterion of Lila

Connection with Divinity
Subjective Vision
Deep Engagement in Responsible Service

Guru Is Servant of His Disciples
Approach Guru through Sraddha

Truth Is Hidden in the Hearts of Great Souls
Duty of a Vaisnava
Revolutionary Preaching

Scientific Progress is Not Progress
Strong Preaching
Preaching Requires Organization
Real Progress is Soul Progress

Real Dedication
Enter the Land of Dedication

Active Dedication
Beauty, Charm and Sweetness
Part Two: Follow the Angels

Do Not Approach Directly
My Ideal Is Always to Serve Him
Preach the Basics
Intimate Connection is Rejected
Not To Live at Radha Kunda
Not to Interfere with the Higher Lilas
  +answering questions

Not to Listen to Rasa-Lila Katha
Follow the Will of Our Gurudeva
Smarana Subservient to Kirtana

Imaginary Perfection is Self-deception
Entering the Land of Gurus
The Death Blow to the Sahajiyas
Cheap Imitators and Pseudo Devotees
Love and Lust
  +little about mind

Tangible Depth in Divinity
Effective Bhajana
Approach Nityananda Prabhu
Real Humility
Our Duty

Angels Fear To Tread
Do Your Duty in Your Plane
Not an Academic Endeavor
Defect of the Intellect
The Finite Cannot Know the Infinite
Reject Your Knowledge

Approach the Guru
Become an Angel
Die To Live

Not an Ornamental Thing
Systematic Knowledge is Knowledge Proper
Relative and Absolute Considerations

Try To Go Ahead
Risk Means Progress
Progress is a Living Thing

The Only Reliable Agents
Dedicated Risk
The Real Spirit
Higher Backing is Necessary

Life Nectar of the Surrendered Souls
Judge A Man By His Ideal
Bhakti Causes Bhakti
Renunciation Means Yukta-vairagya

No Spiritual Help From the Mundane
Enter Only for Service
Slave of the Slave

Seva Must Originate From Above

Dedication Beyond Calculation
Part Three: Higher Talks

Higher Vision of Guru
Gadadhara Pandita
Halo of Radharani
Gadadhara Pandita as Rukmini

Divine Vision
Progress by Grace of the Higher

Gaura-Gadadhara Worship
Vrndavana is for the Shallow Thinkers
Service Necessity
Dvaraka Lila

Rukmini Avatara
Other Vaisnava Schools
Madhurya and Audarya

High Inquisitiveness
Pandava Arjuna
A Mystic Poem
Gaura-Nagari Rejected

Bonafide Moods of Devotees
Jagadananda Pandita
Svarupa Damodara
Lalita's Position
Guardian of the Lila

The First Meeting
Parakiya Rasa
Understand from the Plane of Sacrifice
   + He is free

Prepare Yourself for the Absolute Lila
Modern Science
Beauty Above Power
Thrown Down to Vaikuntha

Rasa-The Positive Conception of Liberation
The Ripened Fruit

Meeting at Kuruksetra
No Love for Krsna
Karttiki-Srimati Radharani

Svayam Bhagavan and Svayam Rupa