Srila Bhakti Sadhaka Muni Maharaja reads (daily lectures in Sri Sri Radha Govinda Gaudiya Math):

Amrta Vani
Srila Prabhupada Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati

108 Essential Instructions
  1.-36. (pages 1-3)

108 Essential Instructions
  37.- 71. (pages 4-7)
+ Discussion about surrender

108 Essential Instructions
  72.- 95. (pages 8-11)

108 Essential Instructions
  96.-108. (pages 12 & 13)
Associations (pages 15 & 16)
  What is a devotee's business?, Is it important to always associate only with devotees?, Whose association should we desire?, How can we achieve Lord Hari? and Should we renounce the association of those greedy for money?

Associations (pages 17-20)
  Is it good to serve the Supreme Lord in the company of other devotees?; How can we attain Vaisnava association?; How should we live?; In associations with devotees the most essential element of our Krsna consiousness?; Isn't it possible to serve the Lord on our own?; Is it neccessary to live with devotees to get their association?; How should we live at home?

Associations (pages 20. & 21)
  Is it proper to become a materialist?
+talking about "Do not associate with materialists."
Should one give up bad association?

Associations (pages 22-25)
  Whose association should we desire?; How can we achieve mental strength; How can we realize the self?; Why are we unable to serve Krsna?; How should we think of ourselves in relation to Krsna?; On what should we be careful?; What is good fortune?; Is it extremely necessary to associate with pure devotees?; Which litaruteis topmost?; Is it improper to associate intimately with women?

The Spiritual Master (pages 27-30)
  Who can understands the mystery of bhajana?; Who is an actual disciple?; Where can we find a spiritual master?; Should we make disciples?; Is the spiritual master enriched by Krsna's wealth?; Who is eligible for deliverance?; How can we achieve Krsna's complete mercy?; Who is qualified to become a spiritual master?; How can we understand Vaisnava philosophy?; Isn't possible to worship Krsna without taking shelter of the spiritual master's lotus feet?

The Spiritual Master (pages 31-34)
  Is Sri Radharani the original spiritual master?; is faithe in the spiritual master's lotus feet the root of devotional service?; What does it mean to be happy?; Who is Vaisnava?; It is possible to please Krisna without taking shelter of the spiritual master?; Is the spiritual master an ordinary man?

The Spiritual Master (pages 34-37)
  Should we render service to the spiritual master every day?; Is it essential to associate and serve the spiritual master directly?; Can we see the Supreme Lord Without the spiritual master's help?; Will we face difficulty if we forget our spiritual master?; Is the spiritual master present in everything?; When does the Supreme Lord manifest in the heart?; Will we be cheated if we do not take complete shelter of the spiritual master?; Who can deliver us from material absorbtion?

The Spiritual Master (pages 38-42)
  Is it most essential to serve the spiritual master?; Is the spiritual master fully independent?; Should we enjoy items for the spiritual master's service?; Should everyone be respected as a spiritual master?; What quality must we possess before we make disciples?; Did you make disciples?; Can ordinary man speak about the spiritual world?; When will we achieve auspiciousness?; Who follows the path of argumentation?; Is there no hope of attaining auspiciousness without serving the guru?

The Spiritual Master (pages 43-45)
  What mentality should a sincere disciple have?; How do pure devotees respect their spiritual master?; Why are our obstacles not destroyer and our desires not fulfilled?; Where should we repose out faith?; If Jesus Christ was a jagad-guru and his instructions capable of bringing us deliverance, why do we need a spirital master?; Should we approach the spiritual master or Lord Gauranga while holding a return ticket?

The Spiritual Master (pages 46-49)
  How do we achieve the mercy od Lord Nityananda, the original guru?; Do we attain everything by taking shelter at the feet of a bona fide spiritual master?; Can we immediately attain Srimati Radhika's lotus feet?; What is the difference between my spiritual master and me?; What does it mean to approach a spiritual master and inquire from him?; Is it safe to take disciples?; How should I treat my spiritual master?; What is the difference between the science relating to the spiritual master and the science relating to Sri Radha?; How determined should we be to serve the spiritual master's lotus feet?

The Spiritual Master (pages 50-54)
  What instruction does a bona fide spiritual master give?; Don't you have many disciples?; What does a spiritual master give to a surrendered soul?; Should we discuss the spiritual master's instructions every day?; Why is the spiritual master called Prabhupada or Visnupada?; How does a Vaisnava who is fixed at his spiritual master's lotus feet?; Who is a spiritual master?

The Spiritual Master (pages 54-58)
  Do the spiritual master and the Vaisnava approve all of our actions?; Is it proper to consider the spiritual master as God or the supreme enjoyer?; Who can act as our spiritual master?; How do we find a genuine spiritual master?

The Spiritual Master (pages 58-61)
  Who is a spiritual master and how should he be served?; Is the spiritual master's mercy Krisna's mercy?; Does Krsna Appear in the form of a spiritual master to teach His own service?; Who can act as a spiritual master?

The Spiritual Master (pages 61-65)
  Is it important to take shelter at the feet of Vaisnavas?; What is the meaning of initiation?; What does it mean that the spiritual master does not make disciples?; What is karta bhaja, self-worship?; Of what type of guru should we take shelter?; Is it possible to remain mateialistic after seeing the spiritual master?; Is receiving the spiritual master's mercy the only way to attain Krsna's mercy?; How can we understand the actual truth?

The Spiritual Master (pages 66-69)
  Who is the internal spiritual master?; How will we receive a bona fide spiritual master?; How can we understand the Absolute Truth?; How will I understand whether or not a piritual master is bona fide?; What is the function of the caitya-guru (Supersoul) and the other forms of guru?; in spite of accepting mantras, why are our minds still unregulated?; What do we need to do now?; What is the result of taking shelter at the feet of a bona fide spiritual master?; Is it most offensive to disobey the spiritual master's order?

The Spiritual Master (pages 70-73)
  Isn't the dust from the feet of guru and Vaisnavas worshipable?; What are the initiating and instructing gurus? What is the function of the guru who dwells in the heart?; Is anything possible without the spiritual master's mercy?; What actions will bring us auspiciosness?; Is the spiritual master great?

The Spiritual Master (pages 74-76)
  What is the spiritual master's identity?; Is there harm in not properly following the spiritual master's orders?
A Devotee's Vision (pages 77-79)
  Do we really need to be introspective?; Can we save ourselves?; How should we treat the material world?; What is a pure devotee's mentality?; What should be the mentality of a householder devotee's?; Is every devotee worshipable? Who protects the devotees?

 A Devotee's Vision (pages 84 & 85)
  What does a devotee understand to be true?; What is a real disciple?; What should a disciple's mentality be?; What is the conception of the devotees?; Does a devotee see Krsna everywhere?
Devotional Service (pages 86. & 89)
  Will whatever we do out of duty destry nescience?; Who is a devotee?; Is indulging in worldly talks harmfull to devotional service?; What is the devotional service?; What is the path of auspiciousness?; What is service?

  +Why we don't get taste for chanting the Name?
Devotional Service (pages 90-93)
  How can we enhance our devotional service?; Isn't it possible to serve Hari by our own endevaor?; What is the highest welfare activity?; How do we achieve devotional service?

Devotional Service (pages 94-97)
  Should we give up material enjoyment (karma) and renounciation (jnana)?; How long does the living entity remain conditioned?; Who should live in the Matha?; Whom should the Matha avoid?; How do we achieve strength and mercy?; How do we become free of lusty desires?; Should one serve the devotees and the Supreme Lord personally?

Devotional Service (pages 98-101)
  Is it essential to serve the Lord?; How should devotees like at home? HOw should they live in the Matha?; Can a person become liberated from material existence simpy by becoming a sanyasi?; Is it possible to recognize a devotee simply by examing his external activities, education, or degree of wealth?; What kind of Vaisnava has no possesions?; Is working for Krsna, devotional service?; How can we attain Krsna's service?; What is service?

Devotional Service (pages 102-105)
  What is the living entity's ultimate goal?; Is a kanistha-adhikari superior to karmi or jnani?; Is praying to the Lord for a healthy life detrimental to devotional service?; Is the desire for fame an impediment on the devotional path?,; How can we destroy dissatisfaction?; Should we have immense faith in God?; How should we chant and serve?; What is universal religion?; What is the path of devotional service?; How should we serve devotees of various qualifications?; Why do our hearts change?; What is devotional service or the worship of the Lord?

Devotional Service (pages 106-110)
  Is the occupational duty of Kali-yuga devotional service?; How will our material desires be vanquished?; What is a devotional service?; How do we attain devotional service?; What is the difference between transcendental subject matter (adhoksaja) and spiritual subject matter (apakrta)?; Are the words "devotional service" applicable only to the Supreme Lord?

Devotional Service (pages 111-115)
   What is actual hapiness?; What is enjoyment what is renunciation?; How do we attain devotional service to Krsna?; To serve Visnu, do we need to give up our daily activities?; What is our eternal occupational duty?; Is anger towards those envious of devotees a limb of devotional service?; Do the devotees want anything other than devotional service?; Is devotional service the only path to be followeed?; Is it proer to associate with women?; Do the living entties have any business other than worshiping Krsna?; SHould we engage in devotional service 24 hours a day?; Can we call just anything devotional service?; Krsna awards devotional service even to ambitious devotees, but elsewhere in sastra it is said that ! Krsna eagerly awards material enjoyment and liberation to His devotees but generally hides His devotional service from them." How are these two statemnet reconciled?; What does the Supreme Lord want from us?; Why do we sometimes consider godless people great?
   + enjoying the service

The Lord's Associates and Devotees (pages 117-119)
  What is the duty of an acarya?; Since I know nothing other than material expirience, how will I understand spiritual subject matter?; What if a messenger did not bring a message for everyone?; How can one recognize a messenger from Vaikuntha, and how can one determine whether the message is real or false?; Who is Srila Rupa Gosvami Prabhu?; Who is Sri Raghunatha dasa Gosvami?; Is Sri Candi Dasa a pure devotee?;

The Lord's Associates and Devotees (pages 120-127)
  Who has categorically revealed devotional service as the ultimate goal of life?; Why do the pure devotees sometimes laugh and sometimes cry?; Do "associate" and "devotee" mean the same thing?; Who are the Gaudiya Vaisnavas?; Who is a Vaisnava?; Who serve the Lord in the heart?; Who is Sri Radharani?; Who is a real devotee?; Who are the Lord's associates?; Weren't there many spiritual masters during the time of Sriman Mahaprabhu?; How does the Supreme Lord give protection?; What is a Vrajavasi?

Serving the Lord and His Devotees (pages 129-131)
  How can we gain strength in devotional service?; What does it mean to see the Supreme Lord?; is it good to try to be happy without serving the Supreme Lord?; Is there no benefit without serving the Lord?; To whom should we render service?; Who is dead and who is alive?

Serving the Lord and His Devotees (pages 132-133)
  What is the best form of worship?; Who is the topmost servant?
  +first surrender

Serving the Lord and His Devotees (pages 134-137)
  Who is it possible to actually serve Krsna?; How can we realize our constitutional position?; Does serving the Supreme Lord give real freedom?; Which concepts should one understand with great care?; How can an infinitesimal soul serve the infinite Supreme Lord?; What is the relationship between the supporter and suported?

Serving the Lord and His Devotees (pages 138-141)
  How can we vanquish lust?; Should service be rendered personally?; Is it a mistake to consider serving one's family synonymous with serving the Lord?; Who is not able to follow?; What is the value of accepting a material body?; What is the secret of success?; What is the main duty of those who want to serve Lord?

Serving the Lord and His Devotees (pages 142-145)
  What is our main duty at present?; What is the duty of a brahmacari?; What is the proper religious principle?; What is service?; Does the soul enjoy?; How can we prepare ourselves to serve God?; We consider doing good to others our religion. What is your opinion in the regard?

Serving the Lord and His Devotees (pages 146-149)
  Is service to Visnu service to mankind?; What is the constituonal duty of the spirit soul?; Don't those who serve Hari serve all living entities?; Please tell us something about how to worship Krsna.

  + God is like the big eye
Serving the Lord and His Devotees (pages 150-151)
  Is it possible to serve the transcendental Lord with our blunt material senses?; Should one serve the Lord personally as opposed to through a hired representative?; Can one achieve any benefit without serving the devotees?
Hearing (pages 153-154)
How can we become determined and courageous?; How is it possible to hear hari-kata in the association of devotees if we live far from the devotees or at home?

Hearing (pages 154-158)
  From whom should we hear topics about Krsna?; From whom should we hear Srimad-Bhagavatam?; How can we go back to Godhead?; How is it possible to know the transcendental Absolute Truth?; Please instruct us: What are we supposed to do?; How should we live in this world?

Hearing (pages 159-161)
  From whom should we hear krsna-katha if we wish to attain ultimate benefit?; Can't we hear without having "service-inclined ears"?; How can we become determined?; What should the aim of our endeavors be?; Why don't you allow the singigng of Lord's conjugal pastimes in the Matha?; Why do I lack faith in spiritual life?

Hearing (pages 162-164)
  What is the special nature of the ears?; Why do we not appear to be making advancement despite our repeatedly hearing krsna-katha?; In what direction does our taste move when we are hearing?; Why are we unable to follow despite hearing hari-katha?
Chanting the Holy Name (page 165)
  What is the gravest offense in chanting the holy names?; Are we servants of the holy name?

Chanting the Holy Name (pages 166-169)
  How should we chant the Lord's holy names?; Is chanting the best limb of devotional service?; What is the easiest way to control the mind?; How should we remove anarthas?; What does "lower than the straw in the street" mean?; When will we understand that Lord Krsna is nondifferent from His holy names?; What will give us benefit?; What is hari-nama?

Chanting the Holy Name (pages 170-173)
  Is chanting the Lord's name the best and easist way to attain supreme auspisiousness?; Why do mundane thoughts appear while chanting?; The Lord's holy names and the topics about Him are both from Vaikuntha. How can we gain access to them from this world?; Are Sri Hari and His holy names one?; What result can we expect from chanting tho Lord's holy names?; Is it possible to find benefit if we don't chant Hari's holy names?; Is chanting the Lord's names the principal form of bhajana?; What result do we attain when we chant the holy names?; Should the fire of Krsna-sankirtana burn continuously in the Matha?

Chanting the Holy Name (pages 174-177)
  What is the yuga-dharma for Kali-yuga?; What are the special characteristics of the holy names of Krsna and Gaura?; Who is qualified to glorify Hari?; Is everyone eligible to perform sri-krsna-sankirtana?

Chanting the Holy Name (pages 178-181)
  How will we develop a taste for chanting the holy names?; How will we know whether or not we are chanting purely?; What is pure chanting?; Should chanting the holy names be definitely performed?; Is chanting Krsna's holy names the only sadhana?; Is chanting the Lord's name the crest jewel of sadhanas?

Chanting the Holy Name (pages 182-185)
  How important is Vaisnava seva to those who wish to chant purely?; What is sri-krsna-sankirtana?; Can we actually meditate on Krsna and His pastimes before we have achieved spontaneous devotion?; Should chanting Hari's holy names be performed constantly?; When we chant "Rama" in the Hare Krsna mantra, which Rama is being referred to?; is transcendental sound vibration eternal?; is chanting Hari's holy names most auspicious?; Where is the Hare Krsna maha-mantra mentioned in the Vedas?; What does "Hare" mean?; What does the word "Om" mean?; What is a mantra?; Should everyone be engaged in chanting?

Chanting the Holy Name (page 186)
  What is the difference between Deity worship and chanting?; When does pure chanting begin?
Material and Spiritual Topics (pages 187-189)
  What is the difference between soul, mind and body?; Why is it that those who live near devotees may not be as good as the devotees?; What is illusion?; What is the difference between spirit and matter?; Why do people visit holy places?
  + How to surrender despite our anarthas?
  + What is anartha?

Material and Spiritual Topics (pages 190-192)
  What is the difference between activities and pastimes?; What is devotional service and what is nondevotional service?; Some people say that everyone is equal. Are they correct?; What is the difference between Vaikuntha and the material world?; What is the difference between a jnani's acceptance of sannyasa and bhakta's acceptance of sannyasa?; Who is materialist?

Material and Spiritual Topics (pages 192-195)
  If we are faced with a calamity, how should we respond?; What is the present condition of the living entities?; Why are people, devoid of the desire to serve the Supreme Lord, as good as animals?; Did humans create religion?

Material and Spiritual Topics (pages 196-199)
  Did humans create religion?; Whose offering does the Supreme Lord accept?; What is the nature of love?; Manmade religion does not appear to be the eternal religion of the soul. What is your opinion in this regard?; Is a renunciant conditioned by matter?; What are the functions of the external and internal energies of the Lord?; Are sects such as the Aul and Baul not Vaisnava?; What is the difference between imporonal monist and Vaisnavas who follow Vedanta?

Material and Spiritual Topics (pages 199-201)
  What are the developmental stages of religion?; What is real danger according to a devotee?; What mentalities do the karmi, jnani and bhakta have?

Material and Spiritual Topics (pages 202-204)
  Is it good to become a renunciant?; What is an impure mind?; What is anartha?; What are wordly peace and wordly disturbance?; What are intolerance and impatience?; Are karma and jnana the constitutional duty of the soul?; Who is considered a nondevotee?

Material and Spiritual Topics (pages 205-207)
  Who is qualified to recite Srimad-Bhagavatam?; How do materialists and spiritualists see things differently?; What are the various concepts of karmis, jnanis and bhaktas?; What is the difference between the material and the spiritual world?; Can there be one spiritual master for all religions?; Is the phrase "As many opinions, as many paths" correct?
  + what means that there is only one religion

Material and Spiritual Topics (pages 208-209)
  What is Maya?; Do Vaisnavas follow the ascending path or the descending path?; Some people say "time is money." Is that true?; Who is a devotee and who is a nondevotee?

Material and Spiritual Topics (pages 210-213)
  What is the living entity's constitutional duty?; How can one actually observe an object?; Are devotional service and material enjoyment two separate things?; Are sin and offense the same?; Are the family lives of devottes and conditioned souls the same?; Is there respect for genuine devotees in this world?; What is the defference between weakness and cheating?

Material and Spiritual Topics (pages 213-215)
  Who is learned?; Is it good to live a long live?; Should people worship both Krsna and demigods?; Why does one fall down?; How can we vanquish our previous material experiences?

  +sweet Name
Material and Spiritual Topics (pages 216-217)
  Why aren't we interested in God?; Why can't everyone understand the glories of devotional service? What is direct, indirect, beyond direct and indirect, and transcendental perception?; What is devotional service and what is nondevotional service?
Dependence and Independence (page 219)
  Does the Supreme Lord interfere with the living entity's independence?; Should independence be renounced?
  +Lord doesn't interfere our independence

Dependence and Independence (pages 220-221)
  What is actual independence?; Why are we not able depend fully on the Supreme Lord?; Do the living entities have independent will?; Is it essential to become subordinate?
  +what is harikatha
  + we are never independent

Dependence and Independence (pages 222-225)
  How did the dependent independent souls receive their independence?; Is the proper use or misuse of the living entities' independence inspired by the Lord?; What is the fruit of service?; Why do we lack the tendency to chant God's name? Why do we wish to remain in the well of material existence?
  + Lord's will is our independence
  + fight for Krsna

Material Life (page 227)
  What is material desire?; Is this material world a prison house for connditioned souls?

Material Life (page 228)
  Why is this material world full of miseries?; What is Maya?; What is the ascending path?
  + what is Maya
  + Descending path

Material Life (page 229)
  Does anyone in this world respect a real devotee?; What kind of people find fault with Vaisnavas?; Can you define our disease?

Material Life (page 231)
  What is our primary mistake and how have we tried to rectify it?; Why can't everyone understand transcendental subject matter?

Material Life (pages 231-232)
  Is human birth superior to birth as a demigods?; What is the difference between the weak-hearted and the offenders?

Material Life (pages 232-233)
  Is there any happiness in this material world?; What is the fate of the atheist?

Material Life (pages 233-234)
  Does a doubtful soul find fortunate?; What does it mean to be an attached householder?; What is the mentality of a fruitive worker?

Material Life (pages 234-235)
  What is anarta?; Why are we unable to maintain faith in transcendental objects?

Material Life (pages 235-236)
  Who is not eager for the Lord's service?; What is karma?

Material Life (pages 237-238)
  Does one need to check one's material propensity?; Does a proud person achieve any benefit?

Material Life (pages 238-239)
  Why do the animals become human beings?; Is life devoid of hari-bhajana useless?; Is this material world meant for our enjoyment?

Material Life (pages 239-240)
  Does the mind cheat? (+ comment); What is karma-kanda? What is jnana-kanda?; What is materialism?

Material Life (pages 240-241)
  What is a mental speculator?; Why have the living entities become conditioned?; What does the Bhagavad-gita verse beginning isvara sarva-bhutanam (18.61) mean?

Material Life (pages 241-242)
  Why are we busy with activities other than devotional service?; Don't the smarthas worship Lord Visnu?

Material Life (pages 244-243)
  Why do some people instruct us to increase the mode of passion?; What is the fate of a person who instead of utilizing hid wealth for the Lord's service uses it for his children and grandchildren?; When a living entity who is averse to the Lord falls down, in what species does he first take birth?

Material Life (pages 243-244)
  Why do we like material existence?; Why does a person who was once properly motivated develop material attachment after some time?

Material Life (pages 245-246)
  Are woman and wealth obstacles on the devotional path?; Please explain how one gradually becomes degraded.; Is it bad to read newspapers?; What is a sinful mentality?; Why do the living entities, who are menat to serve the Supreme Lord, proudly think themselves doers?

Material Life (pages 246-247)
  How should we live in this world?; Is indulging in worldly talks inauspicious?; Why have we come here?; Are fruitive activities and the cultivation of knowledge constitutional duties of the spirit soul?

Spiritual Life (pages 249-251)
  What is sannyasa?; Who should be given charity?; Do Vaisnavas ever become ritually contaminated?; Is it beneficial to give charity to build a temple?; What is the difference between following and imitating?; The Living entities belong to the Lord's marginal potency and therefore can serve either th Lord or Maya. The seed of enjoyment is present in them in an unmanifest form. Do the living entities carry the seed of enjoyment even they have attained perfection?; What is proper use of wealth?; Is it condemned to blaspheme others? What is a Vaisnava's duty?

Spiritual Life (pages 252-254)
  In the Sraddha ceremony, should the forefathers be offered maha-prasadam?; Should we study Vedanta?; Do rich householder devotees and Matha residents commit offenses if they do not use their wealth to serve the Lord?; What do we mean by the phrase, "the favorable cultivation of Krsna consciousness"?; What do devotees do when they meet danger?; What is the difference between sadhana-bhakti and sadhana-kriya?
  + sadhana-bhakti commentary

Spiritual Life (pages 254-257)
  Is the whole family benefited if a devotee takes birth in it?; Is that place a dhama where the glorification of Hari takes place?; Why aren't we making progress on the path of worshipping the Lord?; Should a devotee continue to worship the Lord, even when the devotee is ill?; Should one consider a nondevotee guru a devotee, even if he present himself as such?; Is it good to become over-intelligent?; How should an initiated devotee perform the sraddha ceremony?; Is simplicity essential?; Who can understand a devotee's activities?

Spiritual Life (pages 258-262)
  Who is a brahmana?; Is it most important to worship Hari?; How does one's propensity for material enjoyment diminish?; Is it necessary to worship Hari after having taken birth in a human body?; What is the difference between the words of a sadhaka and the word of a peson who has achieved perfection?; Is it proper to touch a sannyasi's feet? How should we see sense gratification?

Spiritual Life (pages 262-264)
  How should one show others respect?; Can one be attached to sense gratification even after taking initiation; What is the object of our meditation?; How will we realize the Supreme Lord?

Spiritual Life (pages 264-267)
  What is the meaning of Krsna's appearance?; Is a devotee's body the Lord's temple?; Who will attain success in spiritual life?; Why are we bereft of Krsna's darsana?; What is the duty of a householder?; O Master, will you go to Gundica?

Spiritual Life (pages 268-270)
  From whom should we take guidance?; What is th difference between Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam?; How does Vaisnava dharma benefit the whole world?; How many persons know about Vaisnava dharma?; Some people may personally benefit by following Vaisnava dharma, but how is the whole world benefited?; Is Vaisnava dharma meant to be accepted by all?; Although demigod worship is unauthorized, doesn't it amount to worship of Krsna in the end?; Is Vaisnava dharma the original religious principle?

Spiritual Life (pages 271-273)
  How do the five-god worshipers worship Visnu?; What is the most essential activity for living entities?; What is renunciation?; What is our topmost duty?; What does it mean to limit the Supreme Lord?; Who is a tridandi sannyasi?; What is jnana and what is vijnana? Is it prohibited to look at women?

Prayer (pages 275-276)
  To whose prayer does Lord Krsna listen?; How should a devotee pray?; How should we call the Supreme Lord?; What should be the object of our prayer?
  + external display of humility

Deity (pages 277-282)
  Is the Lord's Deity form directly the Lord Himself?; What is the Lord's Deity form?; Is Deity worship idolatory?; Some people say that Deity worship is a means to an end. Is this correct?; What two representatives of the Supreme Lord exist in this world?; Is seeing th Lord's Deity the same as seeing the Supreme Lord?; Are all devotees qualified to offer food to the Lord in the temple?

Krsna's Servant (pages 283-286)
  How will our pride in beings doers be destroyed?; How can one attain Krsna's service?; Are there no duties for the living entities other than serving Krsna?; Who does Lord Krsna attract?; Who is the director of the living entities?; Is the performance of varnasrama-dharma one of the soul's constitutional duties?; How should we think of ourselves?; Are the designations expressed in varnasrama-dharma eternal?

Krsna's Servant (pages 286-291)
  Who are the harijanas?; What is the duty of all living entities?; What is the science of living entities?; Is it possible to make someone a Vaisnava?; Who are the devotees?; How can we destroy our desire for material enjoyment?; What is transcendental knowledge?

Krsna's Servant (pages 292-293)
  Who is our master?; Are the Vaisnavas akincana?; What is the difference between the Supreme Lord and the living entities?; Is the living entity the purusa?; Who can actually worship Krsna?; Why do we act as doers?
Krsna, the Supreme Lord (pages 295-296)
  What is difference between Krsna and Visnu?; Is the Supreme Lord controlled by the devotees?; Who is the ultimate object of worship?
  + fault is in my eyes

Krsna, the Supreme Lord (pages 296-301)
  Who is the ultimate object of worship?; Is material nature, Maya, the original cause of material creation?; Whom does the Supreme Lord attract?; What is the difference between God, Allah, and Krsna?; How does the Absolute Truth manifest?
  + proper adjustment

Krsna, the Supreme Lord (pages 300-302)
  How does the Absolute Truth manifest?

Krsna, the Supreme Lord (page 303)
  How can we attain Krsna's service?

Krsna, the Supreme Lord (pages 303-304)
  Are the scriptures nondifferent from the Lord?; What is God?

Krsna, the Supreme Lord (pages 304-305)
  Is the Supreme Lord inconceivable?

Preaching (page 307)
  Should we live exemplary lives?; What is the duty of the devotees?; Who is the most beneficial friend?

Preaching (page 308)
  How should we preach to ordinary people?; Should we boldly speak the truth?

Preaching (page 309)
  Why were the Mathas established?; Who can give us Krsna?

Preaching (page 310)
  Should we glorify Hari constantly?

Preaching (page 311)
  What is our principal duty?

Preaching (pages 313-314)
  What is your mission’s aim?

Preaching (pages 314-315)
  What does the Gaudiya Matha teach?; What is the devotees’ opinion?; Why do surrendered devotees beg alms?

Preaching (pages 315-316)
  Can one do more for people by giving them personal instruction?; What is actual welfare?

Preaching (pages 316-317)
  Why do so few people like to hear the truth?

Preaching (pages 317-318)
  Is it our business to build a Matha and live there?

Preaching (pages 318-319)
  What is the highest blessing one can give others?; Who is qualified to preach?;

Preaching (pages 318-319)
  Who is an acarya?; Isn’t giving people food and clothing compassionate?; Why do devotees appear in this world?; Is the preaching of contemporary devotees powerful?

Sri Caitanyadev (pages 321-322)
  Is the favor given by Mahaprabhu the highest favor?

Sri Caitanyadev (pages 322-323)
  Is everything that happens Krsna’s mercy?; What has Sri Caitanyadeva done?

Sri Caitanyadev (pages 323-325)
  Who is Sri Caitanyadeva?; Why did Lord Caitanya reject the most important instruction of Bhagavad-gita, the sarva-dharman parityaja verse, as “external”?

Sri Caitanyadev (pages 325-327)
  What does the phrase, “Compassion toward all living entities” mean?; Is Sri Gaurangadeva Krsna Himself?; I have received great benefit from your instructions. Could you please explain more about Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu?

Sri Caitanyadev (pages 327-330)
  How does the Supreme Lord perform His appearance pastimes?

Sri Caitanyadev (pages 330-333)
  What is Sri Gaurangadeva’s compassion? + personal talk

Sri Caitanyadev (pages 333-334)
  Can one worship Lord Gauranga as one’s husband?; Who is Sri Gaurasundara?

Sri Caitanyadev (pages 334-335)
  How does one worship Sri Gaura?; Why did Mahaprabhu chant “gopi, gopi”?

Sri Caitanyadev (page 335)
  Is Sri Caitanyadeva only the Lord of the Bengalis?; Is Sri Caitanya-caritamrta simply a book of the Lord’s pastimes?

Sri Caitanyadev (pages 335-337)
  Can you please tell us Sri Caitanyadeva’s philosophy in brief?; Are Sri Gauranga’s instructions the topmost teachings?

Surrender (pages 339-342)
  It appears to us that our only asset is our worldly experience, so how can we renounce that to surrender to a transcendental object?; Are surrender and determination essential?; Can one totally renounce the empirical path?

Surrender (pages 342-343)
  What should a devotee facing material distress do?; Is our fortune guaranteed by fully surrendering to the Supreme Lord?

Surrender (pages 343-344)
  What does the word namaù means as we find it in the mantras?; Is it possible to achieve fortune without surrendering?

Surrender (pages 344-345)
  Is a surrendered soul sure to achieve perfection?; What is the symptom of a surrendered soul?; How can we recognize a devotee?

Surrender (pages 345-347)
  What is surrender?; How will we be protected?; How can we realize the Absolute Truth?

Surrender (page 347)
  How can one surrender before realizing the truth?; Why are we unable to depend on God?

Surrender (page 348)
  How does one surrender to the Supreme Lord?; Who will be delivered from the material world? + about household live

Mercy (page 349-350)
  Is material distress an example of the Lord’s mercy?; Are the tests the Lord presents the living entities manifestations of His mercy?

Mercy (pages 350-351)
  Is everything the Supreme Lord does beneficial?; Should we follow all the Lord’s arrangements with happiness?; How is it possible to establish a relationship with Krsna, who is transcendental to the three modes of material nature? + mercy of the devotees

Mercy (page 351)
  What is the mercy of the indwelling Supersoul?

Mercy (page 351-353)
  Are the mercy of the spiritual master and the mercy of the Supreme Lord one and the same?; Why do devotees usually appear in lower families? Why do devotees appear like fools or as if they are diseased, even though they are not subject to enjoy the fruits of karma?; How can one attain the Lord’s mercy?

Mercy (pages 353-354)
  Does Lord Govinda award us punishment?; Are karmic fruits the Lord’s mercy?

Mercy (pages 354-355)
  “Everything is done by the will and mercy of the Lord.” Would you agree?

Mercy (pages 355-357)
  When we commit sinful activities, is that also some expression of the Lord’s mercy?; Who is qualified to receive the Lord’s mercy?; Before whom does the Supreme Lord remains unmanifest?; Can we see God with our present eyes?; Are we certain to receive Krsna’s mercy?

Attaining Perfection (pages 359-360)
  When does a living entity attain auspiciousness?; How will one attain perfection in one lifetime?; How can one know the Supreme Lord?; What current of thought allows one to attain auspiciousness?

Attaining Perfection (pages 360-361)
  How will we be liberated from material existence?; How can we be benefited?; What is the path of auspiciousness?; What is the path of back to Godhead?; Can one gain benefit by simply putting on a sannyasi’s dress?

Attaining Perfection (pages 361-362)
  How can we attain auspiciousness?

Attaining Perfection (pages 362-363)
  Why are we unable to realize the Supreme Lord?

Attaining Perfection (pages 363-364)
  How can we attain eternal benefit?

Attaining Perfection (pages 364-366)
  What is the duty of a householder?; Who is fortunate?; Who is qualified to return to the spiritual world?

Attaining Perfection (pages 364-366)
  What is the difference between attaining perfection in chanting mantras and attaining perfection in devotional service?; Who will attain perfection?

Attaining Perfection (pages 371-372)
  Should one act as one’s own spiritual doctor?; How do we achieve auspiciousness? + about akincana devotees

Attaining Perfection (page 372)
  When can one take shelter of Vraja?; What is the most essential factor of the living entities?

Attaining Perfection (pages 373-374)
  Why do some people consider Kåñëa’s pastimes obscene?; Why are we unable to see God?

Attaining Perfection (pages 374-375)
  How can one attain eternal perfection?; What is a devotee’s most invaluable asset?

Attaining Perfection (pages 376-377)
  What is our duty?; How can we see the Lord face to face?; Who is sure to attain Kåñëa?

Attaining Perfection (pages 377-378)
  When does one achieve pure devotional service and see the Lord face-to-face?; What is the path back to Godhead?; What is the danger of cheating on the devotional path?

Attaining Perfection (pages 378-379)
  What is the goal of life?; What does the Srimad-Bhagavatam instruct us to do? + about karma kanda

Attaining Perfection (page 380)
  What does it mean to attain Krsna?; How can we maintain the fortune we have received?

Attaining Perfection (pages 381-382)
  How will we become free of material existence?; Which path should be followed?; How does one worship purely?; How will we achieve complete benefit?; How can one attain the Supreme Lord?

Attaining Perfection (pages 383-385)
  What has caused our degradation?; According to Mahäprabhu, what is a human being’s most important duty?

Attaining Perfection (pages 385-386)
  How can one perceive the Absolute Truth?; What is the path of auspiciousness?; To which object is attachment auspicious?; Why are we not inclined toward the Lord’s service?

Final Instructions (pages 387-388)

Lecture at Radha Kunda (pages 391-394)

Lecture at Radha Kunda (pages 394-397)

Lecture at Radha Kunda (pages 397-398)

Lecture at Radha Kunda (pages 398-403)
   +it is too high