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Srila Bhakti Sadhak Muni Maharaj

He can only be seen or realized by those who do not know the aisvarya of the Supreme Lord. Otherwise you can never understand or see the beautiful form of Krsna in Vrndavan – where He is playing just like an ordinary human. “He perpetually submerges the inhabitants of Gokula in pools of pure bliss and through them, He informs the devotees which are desirous of knowing His aspect of supreme opulence and majesty, that He is conquered only by those who are free from the knowledge of His aisvarya.” No interest to know His opulence – the inhabitants of Vrndavan are not interested to know anything else. This is qualification. But in two slokas after this, Satyavrata Muni says, “Obeisances to You, Oh Deva, Oh Bhaktavatsala – friend of the bhaktas, Damodara. Oh Ananta, who are endowed with limitless potency, Oh all-pervading Visnu. Oh my Master. Oh supremely independent Īsa.” Īsa means Supreme controller.

“Those who are sincerely praying to the Lord
always pray in this mood, 'I have no qualification.
I am insignificant. I am so fallen.' Not just lip-deep
speaking, but being convinced of feeling like this.”

Srila Bhakti Sadhak Muni Maharaj

So after speaking about Krsna’s sweetness, Satyavrata Muni is coming now to His aspect of majesty and opulence. “I’m sinking deeply into the ocean of sorrow. Please favor me by showering the rain of Your merciful glance upon this surrendered soul, who is so pitifully fallen, and grant me Your direct darsan.” It seems here, this is some rasabhasa. First he tries to forget all the opulences and majesty of the Lord, but then he is praying, “You are endowed with limitless potency. Oh Master, supremely independent Controller, be pleased with me.” This is the prayer the devotees should perform for the Lord – in our stage especially, “Favor me by showering the rain of Your merciful glance upon this surrendered soul, who is so pitifully fallen, and grant me Your direct darsan.” This is a sloka not fitting together with the other one we just read. It is said that those who live in Vrndavan, or those who are very high-class devotees, they don’t even hanker for seeing Him, because this is some personal contamination. Some think, “I want to see Him, I want to see my Lord, otherwise I don’t believe. Maybe it’s not true that You exist.” Something like this.

One should always approach Him on this level, as one who is so pitifully fallen. A devotee’s repentance and mood are like this. Those who are sincerely praying to the Lord always pray in this mood, “I have no qualification. I am insignificant. I am so fallen.” Not just lip-deep speaking, but being convinced of feeling like this. These prayers we will find in all our songs, written by our acaryas. They themselves feel very fallen and low. Even Mahaprabhu Himself, when He chanted and when He revealed this sloka, trnad api sunicena, taror api sahisnuna. This is a natural ornament of a Vaisnava, to feel very fallen and insignificant – unworthy to be a devotee. If this attitude is not there it is only a show. Krsna feels very attracted to this kind of devotee. And also if one has this mood, this deep feeling, he will never do something wrong. He will never get into some mundane fights, or will never act on the false ego, because he always feels lower then the other one. He feels always that, “I am wrong. Everyone else is actually right. Everyone else is a servant of Krsna. I am trying but I am not.” With this attitude we have no problems. This is what Satyvrata Muni wants to say, I think. Krsna will appear before us, definitely, and we will get His darsan. “I am sinking deeply into an ocean of sorrow. Please be merciful. I have surrendered. I am so fallen. Then You will definitely give me darsan, You will come.”

This is one level that we have to pass. Until we have not attained this level, deep in our heart, what can we speak about the beautiful pastimes of Krsna? We will not catch it properly. When Mahaprabhu was hearing about these pastimes, the highest and most confidential, Jagadananda was not there. Nor were Sivananda, Advaita Acarya, or Nityananda. They were not present in such talks, and in such moods. Only three and a half persons were present. Does someone remember these persons who were present when Mahaprabhu spoke about the most confidential, and secret pastimes?

Devotee: Ramananda Raya

Maharaj: Yes. He was a householder. He was not a sannyasi. And the second one was Svarupa Damodar. He was constantly with Mahaprabhu. In the krsna-lila they came as Lalita and Visakha. And there were two more present. We do not hear much in Sri Caitanya-caritamrta about these persons. They were also on highest level and were allowed to stay with Mahaprabhu and discuss these high topics, because they were all free from any attachment in this material world to the opposite sex. There was one simple devotee Sikhi Mahiti and his sister named Madhavi. It is said three and a half. So they were all beyond mundane consciousness.

Ramananda Raya gave this great example. Everyone may know this. He trained the dancers of Jagannath – they were called devadasis. Most of them did not have good character, but they were dancing only for Jagannath. And Ramananda Raya was training them; they were young girls in the ages of 15 to 17. He was training them, washing them, touching them. Even the private parts of their bodies.

One devotee, Pradyumna Misra, was sent from Mahaprabhu to Ramananda, to hear Srimad-Bhagavatam and the confidential pastimes. When he saw Ramananda’s situation he was shocked, and thought, “What? I should hear Srimad-Bhagavatam from such a person who is the whole day with these ladies and even touches them?” So Pradyumna Misra went back to Mahaprabhu and said, “No, I cannot. Do you know what I saw?” Mahaprabhu said, “Don’t worry. He is not even the slightest attached to this material world. He is not acting as a man, he is Visakha, or female. He has a transcendental body, and has no attachment at all to anything of this world. So he can do this. You go there again and hear from him.” Then Pradyumna Misra went there and Ramananda said, “Please excuse me. I did not have time before, I had to finish training the devadasis. But today I have time for you.” Pradyumna Misra said, “Mahaprabhu sent me. Will you please speak about Srimad-Bhagavatam.” Ramananda was very pleased, and the whole day he could not stop speaking. Both of them were diving deep into the lilas of Srimad-Bhagavatam. In Sri Caitanya-caritamrta it is stated that the highest topics that are discussed in all the sastras, were discussed between Mahaprabhu and Ramananda Raya, when they met the first time. It was on the bank of the Godavari river, the place where our Guru Maharaj was ordered to make his first temple. The same place where this meeting happened.

The supreme pastimes of the Supreme Lord, Who is appearing just like an ordinary boy, acting like an ordinary human, can only be understood by those who are free from all mundane contamination and have attained their spiritual body – their svarupa. Those who are sincere will never speak openly about these pastimes because it is like opening the door to the sleeping room of the Supreme Lord, and letting every rascal come in. It is not allowed. Those who do like this, they are just living in an imaginary world of wrong understanding. They get some illusion about Krsna, some illusionary pastimes, and they just get lusty after hearing these pastimes. This we can see all over the world. So we have to be very careful. First, we have to do our duty.

Today in Vrndavan is Rasa-Purnima, the day when the senior devotees are going to remember these pastimes in seclusion. It is not openly discussed and shown. Srila Bhakti Raksak Sridhar Maharaj even did not allow in his temple the julan-yatra, do you know it? Julan yatra, the swing pastime of Radha Govinda, is confidential and intimate. All the gopis and their talks, and movements, are explained here and only the highest class devotees can attain it. For those who are realized, this is reality, and when they speak about this they are entering the pastime. They are not speaking something that comes from their imagination. They are in the pastimes and experiencing them.

Guru Maharaj mostly spoke about Caitanya-lila. I was fortunately there in the early days of Guru Maharaj’s reading and telling about Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Caitanya Bhagavat. I was so charmed and fascinated, that when he started speaking about the pastimes and reading Caitanya Bhagavat then the whole temple there was transformed into a transcendental world, Navadvip-dham – what the pastimes tell of. And we were taken, he took us with him, into this lila. There was one thing I had never seen before, he always cried when he spoke. By some special theme, the tears would come. But he always immediately controlled this, and continued. He was living in Caitanya Bhagavat, in the pastimes. He didn’t tell us about what he read, but about what he saw. He was a part of the pastimes.

So, what to say of the pastimes of Radha Govinda? These pastimes are for us too high, and we should not run for these things now. They will come to us when we are fit. Just be patient, and pray, “Please favor me by showering the rain of Your merciful glance upon this surrendered soul, who is so pitifully fallen.” The Lord Himself will come, when we are fit. And He will say, “I am such. I am not like you think I am.” There will be no doubt anymore. Any doubts between Krsna and me will be destroyed. This means darsan, real darsan. When there’s no doubt anymore – is it like this, or is it not like this. This we should try to gain.

This Damodar month is helping us to become a member of Krsna’s family in Vrndavan. Someone who feels attracted to it will not feel any attraction to mundane relations anymore. It is like an animal life here, and there will never be an end. What is said at the end of a fairy tale – that they will live together forever and happily? Have any of you experienced this? You can write and imagine many things, but it never happens. These things don’t happen in this world – neither in this consciousness or in this mundane world here where we are acting and living. We have to go through some purification, to school, and this is a school where we are sitting here. At the same time, this temple is no different from Goloka. Caitanya Mahaprabhu is so merciful that He gives us a chance to live in an atmosphere where there is no difference between Vaikuntha. Maybe we see differently, but it’s not. For many years I’ve heard from different acaryas, when they come to our temple they say, “This is just like Vrndavan.” Of course, if you get used to it then mundane consciousness may enter and give us troubles, problems – even more problems then outside. Outside everybody is mad. But if you get mad here, then everyone immediately tells you to be careful and wake up. This kind of consciousness should be developed here, and just by living in this atmosphere maybe one day we will see Radha Govinda dancing on the altar. Not only this, but the whole temple transformed into Goloka Vrndavan. Why not? You just have to believe and have faith. We had faith that this temple would one day stand here. For Krsna, nothing is impossible. Why should He not personally come here also, to His place that He created? Why should He not? Should we stop now? No, we don’t give up.

Jay Sri Radha Damodar ki jay!

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